The world keeps getting more complicated day by day, and one of the best ways to navigate your life in such a world is having strong education. After all, you never ever lose the good education that you collect during the right ages. It doesn’t matter what age you are in right now, taking that one single course would definitely help you to get into a better position. But a lot of parents are either making tons of mistakes, or refraining children follow supplementary education based on mythical reasons that ultimately sabotage their children’s education – here they are.

  • The school system is enough if you’re keen enough

The truth is that, every single one of us is never witty enough to grasp everything taught in schools. If it was the situation, the world would have an abundance of astrophysicists and nuclear specialists and so on – but it doesn’t. Hence, you need to understand that the ‘keen enough’ requirement is almost all the time by design. If you settled for what it was, your child would keep failing. But with ideal supplementary education, this problem will be resolved.

  • You need to go for multiple classes for the same subject

This is another mistake that parents do in an intention to enhance the knowledge of relatively difficulty subjects. But you should know that, the more the classes that your child takes for a subject, the more confusing it would be for them. For an example, one single institute and a class for sec 3 physics tuition singapore needs of your child would be more than enough. If you happened to come across a place that suggest you do this, it is a good positive sign that they know the value of it.

  • Anyone can teach

The typical way of complimenting this myth is either by trying to teach on your own or force the children to go to one of those mediocre institutions that are too cheap to be real, assuming it will do any good, while it clearly won’t. You need to understand that knowing is one thing and being able to deliver is one thing. Hence, the teaching gurus are worth it.

  • High end institutes are a waste of money

As it was mentioned in the previous point, this myth is a development of it, or a part of it, if you may. There could be a certain truth to this but as long as the people who are teaching are good enough, if the place is safe enough, then isn’t it worth it?

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