if Singapore has been your home for years, because you were working or studying three, due to the great benefit that the permanent residents and the citizens will be getting, you will surely want to gain the best of it. Being a foreigner in Singapore don’tcompare to the benefits that you can get when you are permanent resident or citizen of Singapore.

Even if your main goal is to gain the citizenship in Singapore, the first step that you have to accomplish it so get the PR because one of the key requirements for getting the citizenship in Singapore is to have the PR of Singapore for more than 2 years. If you are about to start your journey to become a permanent resident of Singapore, this is what you should know:

Are you eligible?

First of all, look into your eligibility. If you don’t, you ill only be wasting time. Having looked into your eligibility, you will identify the criteria that you belong to so that you can go ahead with your application. Having looked into the criteria will give you a good idea on the SingaporePR requirements that you need to have and what areas you should focus on in your stay in Singapore to make your eligible to get the PR.

Ready the documents

A key step that you have to take is to ready the document for the application. Yes, this step can be somewhat complicated. Therefore, you need to be careful with every step that you take. If you are having trouble with the preparation of all the needed document, it is smart that you choose to gain the help of an immigrant lawyer who will advice you on what documents, you need and also how you need to present the documents.

The submission of the application

Once you have filled up the application and once you have all yourdocuments in order, the next big steps is to submit them. The submission has to be made online. For each PR application that you will resubmitting, it is needed that you pay a free of $100. Before you start the sign up process, it is needed that you create a Sin Pass account. If you are lost in the procedure, again, you can gain the help and advice of your lawyer.

The results.

After you have made your submissions, you will get the results in about 6 months via registered post. You can check for the procedure online by e-services.

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