The world is governed by two major components – money and youth. Without the money, none of these things would able to be functioning on the proper way that it should. Without a properly tamed and trained generation of youth, the future would be doomed.


Within each and every young person, there is a dream. Sometimes that dreamer is the first to cross the finishing line in the world championship of F1, it could also be the same person who will be standing in Elon Musk’s shoes one day… this could go on and on. Chances are high that you will be able to insert yours as well. In such a background, the direct philanthropic intervention goes a longer way that any of us thing.


This is why the contribution to the youth by bashir dawood is truly remarkable. He and his family has been in the top of the list of the contributors who have helped the young community of the world to deal with all sorts dreams that cannot be chased alone. The best example for this is his direct involvement with many youth focused projects in the course of history. Each and every time, he proved the world that a simple change can have a very heavy impact on the success rate of the youth.

This isn’t something most of the philanthropists are interested in, because no matter what their ulterior motives were, they are less likely to be benefitted in any other way, except for the publicity. But this man so selflessly have extended his arm to the youth so that they get the patronage, the support, the guidance and the motivation to make their creative ideas a reality.

Recently, he took a dozen of young men and women to witness a live F1 race, whose dream was in this field and that much of a personal involvement showcases that this man has a clear love towards the country’s youth. In fact, the whole world should be generous towards due to the ideology that he wants to follow.

He insists that the youth should be given all the chances and the patronage so that the future will not be desolated but full of energetic men and women chasing their dreams. In another project named SickKids, he has proven that he wants the children to shape themselves from the early childhood to be better, sponsoring directly for the caretaking processes.

It is the inspiration that matters – because without a dream, there will be nothing exciting to begin with.




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