Among the different printed materials used for promotional purposes you will find the standee. These are placards that are supported by a base to stand on ground rather than getting hanged on walls. The standee can come in different sizes and shapes. It all depends on what you want to have and what the creator of the standee you have chosen is ready to offer.

If you are working with the right people you will get the chance to have access to the finest pull up & roll up banner printing Singapore service. They will always offer you with the finest standees that carry the best qualities.

Easy to Read Font

If what you have written on the standee is not readable people are not going to get the message you are trying to deliver. Pictures can only do so much. That means the words or short sentences you have chosen to include on the standee should be legible. For that to happen, the font choice should be good. A good standee creator always chooses attractive fonts that are easy to read.

Attractive Colours and Graphics

To serve its purpose a standee should be able to attract the attention of the people who go by it. For that to happen it should come with attractive colours and graphics. You will often see these standees coming in bright colours. Thinking about where you are going to place them can help you to make a good choice about the colours you are going to use. If this is going to be placed at a place with a light background, dark colours will help the standee to stand out. Also, the graphics a good standee has are all attractive as well as relevant to what they are advertising about.


Every good quality standee is known for being durable. They are made of the highest quality materials following reliable and creative designs of talented professionals. So, what standee you get is going to be of high quality and it is going to last for long. That means if you are smart about the design and what you put on the standee you can use it for multiple occasions and not just one event.

Low Cost

A good creator can easily provide you these standees at a low price. That means you can always afford to have a bunch of them made for the work you do without worrying about the budget.

A standee with these qualities is the right fit for anyone looking for a standee.



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